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Free Consultation


Kate will not perform permanent makeup treatments on an individual unless she has met them, assessed their skin and performed a patch test.


During the consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your desired results and concerns with Kate. She will assess your facial features, skin tone and type, whilst considering your personal preferences to create a bespoke treatment plan that compliments your unique attributes. Additionally, the consultation allows you to learn more about the procedure, understand the benefits and potential risks, and ask any questions you may have. 


This initial meeting provides a valuable opportunity to gain insight, build trust, and ensure that you are making an informed decision about permanent makeup, ultimately leading to a more satisfying and successful outcome.

Book in now for your FREE, no obligation consultation with Kate

Initial Treatment

6-8 Week Follow Up

The follow-up treatment is an important step in the permanent makeup process. During this follow-up session, Kate evaluates the healing process and makes any necessary adjustments or touch-ups.


First, Kate will examine the healed results of the initial treatment to assess how the pigment has settled and how the skin has responded and you will be asked about your satisfaction, any concerns, or areas that need refinement.

Next, if needed, Kate will perform any required touch-ups or adjustments. This may involve adding more pigment to areas where the color has faded, refining the shape, or addressing any unevenness. The goal is to ensure the final result is as desired and that any minor imperfections are corrected.

Once you are settled and Kate has discussed the shape, colour and techniques to be used for your desired treatment, Kate will begin to carefully draw and measure your design using a pencil. This stage involves your input and you can make changes to the design throughout this process. Kate will not move onto the next stage until you are 100% happy with the template she has created for you.

Once you are happy with the design and colour (pigments can be mixed to create the most suitable colour for your skin type and skin tone), Kate will numb the area to ensure you are comfortable throughout the treatment.

Once the treatment is complete, Kate will reveal the results and if you would like her to make any tweaks to the design, this can be done before you leave.

Annual Colour Boost

Anywhere between 12-24 months, you will require a colour boost procedure with Kate. Over time, the pigments used in the initial procedure

will fade due to factors such as natural cell turnover, sun exposure, and lifestyle habits. An annual top-up is recommended to refresh and maintain the vibrancy and longevity of permanent makeup. During the top-up session, Kate carefully examines the existing pigment and applies additional pigment to restore and intensify the colour, ensuring a seamless and even appearance. This periodic touch-up helps to extend the lifespan of the permanent makeup, allowing individuals to enjoy their beautiful, brows, lips or eyeliner, for an extended period between treatments.

Once you are happy, Kate will give you aftercare advice and information to take away with you and schedule your 6-8 week follow up appointment.

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