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How to prepare your lips for your Lip Blush treatment.

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Fail to Prepare = Prepare to Fail. This saying is something I heard regularly whilst serving in the British Army. I apply this to all aspects of my life now, whether I'm painting a wall, writing blog or about to exercise. Preparation is so important, and all it requires, is a little bit of your time for better results.

Let's talk about preparing your lips prior to your lip blush treatment.

It blows my mind, how many times I see clients who are willing to pay upwards of £300 for a lip blush treatment, yet are not willing to spend a small amount of their free time preparing for their upcoming appointment.

PMU artists are only in control of the time they have with you in the treatment room. You can also help ensure you achieve optimal results by applying a few simple steps before your appointment. Don't get me wrong, there are some questionable PMU artists out there, and that can impact the healed result, so it's imperative you do your homework and research. Once you have selected your artist, follow these simple steps to get the most out of your treatment.

1. Stay Hydrated: Keep your lips well moisturised by drinking plenty of water in the days leading up to your appointment. Hydrated lips tend to hold colour better. Apply lots of lip balm and keep those lips as soft as possible. I'm loving L'Occitane's 'Le Petit Remedy' at the moment, it's my go to balm.

2. Avoid Sun Exposure: Protect your lips from excessive sun exposure prior to the treatment. Sunburnt or damaged lips can interfere with the application and healing process.

3. Exfoliate: Gently exfoliate your lips a few days before the treatment to remove any dry or flaky skin. You can use a soft toothbrush or a lip scrub to gently buff away dead skin cells. The needle will find it difficult to pierce through the harder dry skin and deposit the pigment, therefore, you could end yo with patchy healed results. A great and fairly cheap lip exfoliator 'Dr. Pawpaw' can be bought on amazon, this has a lip exfoliator and lip balm in one.

4. Lip Fillers: If you have recently had lip fillers, it's recommended to wait at least four weeks before getting a lip blush treatment. This allows the fillers to settle properly and minimises the risk of complications. I personally love working on lips that have had a bit of lip filler, just ensure you follow your PMU artist and aesthetics practitioner's guidance.

5. Avoid Blood Thinners: Refrain from taking blood-thinning medications, supplements (such as fish oil or vitamin E), or consuming alcohol for a few days before your appointment. These substances can increase bleeding and affect the healing process.

6. Coldsores: If you suffer with coldsores, it is important that you apply coldsore cream a few days prior to your treatment. Your doctor can also prescribe medication if you suffer severely with coldsores. The tattoo process causes trauma to the lip and can cause a coldsore outbreak post treatment.

7. Consultation and Instructions: It's crucial to attend a consultation with your technician before the treatment. They will provide you with specific instructions tailored to your needs. Follow their guidelines regarding any specific products to avoid or precautions to take.

By following these preparation steps, you can help create an ideal canvas for the lip blush treatment, promoting better pigment retention and a smoother healing process.

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